Benefits of Hydrotherapy - Woodrose Senior Residences

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

At Woodrose, the eldery will have 2-3 times per month hydrotherapy session. Benefits of Hydrotherapy

❤️ Reduces pain
❤️ Faster recovery from surgery
❤️ Re-education and encouragement of normal movement
❤️ Improves walking technique
❤️ Improves balance and coordination
❤️ Increases strength of weak muscles
❤️ Increases range of movement of joints
❤️ Improves independence and function
❤️ Improves circulation
❤️ Improves self-confidence

Guided by our professional and experienced carers as well as medical practitioners, our elders engage in hydrotherapy as part of their physiotherapy treatment to help improve their balance and coordination, increase their muscle strength and other health benefits. Interested to know more? Contact us today at +6012-709 8102 ? and book a free consultation. We are more than happy to guide you through our packages.#woodrose#seniorhomecare#hydrotherapy#seniorliving#eldercare