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Coping With Arthritis

Patient Story (extracted from Arthritis Foundation Malaysia website):

[Chow Ah Yee looks healthy for a 83-year-old woman. Yet, she dares not leave her home these days for fear that she may fall or faint while outside. Ever since she has been diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago, she has been careful not to over-exert herself for fear of fracturing herself… Since then, she has had to modify her lifestyle. Unable to stand or sit for long hours, she has learnt to slow down her pace and allow her daughters to care for her.]

You may identify with the situation above or know someone who does.  In fact, one in three Malaysians over the age of 55 suffers from osteoarthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. The other types are rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Although arthritis is more common among the elderly, it does not discriminate and may develop in younger adults and children. Hence, at Woodrose, we not only provide elderly care services but also assistance for all those with this condition. 

The symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, restrictions in movement, as well as swelling. 

Although arthritis is a condition without a cure, the good news is there are steps that one can take to manage symptoms better and reduce the negative impact on one’s life. Other than the options of medication or surgery, our assisted living facilities provide a suitable environment for residents to maintain a balance of healthy weight as well as a diet to reduce inflammation and improve the joints. At our residential care homes, among the many services that we provide are physiotherapy and physical therapy for residents who have conditions such as arthritis. Hence, through our premium care services, we strive to help all our residents to have a good quality of life, and one which is meaningful as well.

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The Environment And Healthy Ageing

Undoubtedly, one of the aspects determining the quality of life for seniors is their environment.

Some of the common environmental factors which may impact their quality of life are housing (comfort, size, overall satisfaction with living space), facilities, residents (interactions, behaviour), nuisance (social insecurity), as well as the neighbourhood. 

Considering these factors, the quality and accessibility of the environment in which an older person lives can have a significant impact on how active they are in society. The more active they are, the more they age healthily and have fulfilling lives. 

Additionally, adaptations inside and outside the home may not only reduce accidents but also assist residents to live independently and enjoy a higher quality of life.

It is known that good health is associated with access to green areas and the time spent outdoors. Although older people may have physical difficulties, they often wish to be more active and mobile. Hence at Woodrose, we provide opportunities for our residents to participate in a wide range of activities from gardening, arts and crafts, baking and religious teachings to regular day trips. 

We know that each resident is unique. Therefore, we provide individual care and support while activities are catered to each one’s needs and preferences. We ensure that comfortable settings and a warm ambience are made available, especially for the ease and accessibility of all of our residents.

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Women and Ageing 

As one approaches their golden years, it is desirable to make the most out of their lives. For women especially, it is more about being happy and healthy rather than just trying to get rid of wrinkles. Here are some tips for women, in particular, to help them live their lives to the fullest:

A healthy lifestyle; the basics:

  • Exercise and watch your diet
  • Take supplements of B6 and B12
  • Drink enough water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Keep your mind active

Maintain a positive attitude; this will make the difference:

  • Surround yourself with loved ones. This will keep you cheerful and give you a sense of belonging.
  • Do things that make you happy. Discover what you like doing and do it.
  • Smile and laugh more

Physical appearance; looking pleasant is always a plus:

  • Don’t forget to take care of your skin – develop a skincare routine
  • Take care of your eyes by using eye cream or eye gel
  • If you wear make-up, less is best
  • Dress your age 

As one goes through the natural process of ageing, it is ever more important to have a well-balanced and fulfilling life. Thus, at Woodrose Senior Residences, we help elders to have meaningful lives through our quality services and facilities.

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Why elderly homes are great for seniors to get together

When one thinks of elderly homes, one usually thinks of days where seniors would have idle time on their hands. The thought of two seniors finding love between each other may seem like a distant reality to some. Remarkably for two seniors at a private nursing home, love managed to find its way for them.

The conotations of days where seniors would remain idle and lonesome while staying in an elderly home may be a thing of the past. These days, seniors at elderly homes can connect with people of their generation who may share similar experiences and engage in social interactions which may be beneficial for their overall wellbeing.

While social media may be ubiquitous in today’s society, the elderly generation comes from an era where personal interaction was more prevalent than today’s social media interactions which lacks the human touch. Bonding together over a simple lunch affair with people of a similar generation may be a great way to forge close companionships.

Multiple studies have also shown that elders who regularly and routinely engage with people, whether it is having a social gathering, an intellectual discourse or just having a friendly chatter may be conducive for their overall mental health and wellbeing. Thus, it would stand to reason that an elderly home would make for a perfect place for seniors to socialise and mingle with one another.

Which is where elderly homes such as Woodrose comes in, where we not only provide care for your aging loved ones but also a great place for seniors to socialise and mingle to boost their health and wellbeing.

At Woodrose, it’s our responsibility to ensure that all Elders under our charge are well-cared for physically and mentally. Contact us at +6012-7098102 to find out more about the extensive services and facilities offered at Woodrose Senior Residences

Source from https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/10/24/love-blossoms-for-seniors-at-nursing-home-amid-pandemic

Written by The Star

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What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is a specialised segment of medical care for people with serious illnesses. A team of Medical Practitioners trained in palliative care provide an extra layer of support based on the needs of the patient and not the prognosis. It is an appropriate type of care at any age and stage of serious illness, and it can be dispensed along with curative treatment.

At Woodrose, we also specialise in providing palliative care to our Elders. Our professional and experienced carers work together with our Medical Practitioners to focus on providing the best services for improving the quality of life for each of our Elder residents in our homes.

Interested to know more? Contact us today at 012-709 8102 and book a free consultation. We are more than happy to guide you through our packages.

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Health and Ageing

People from all around the world are now living longer. A longer life means time spent more with loved ones or pursuing new activities but the extent of this opportunity depends on the one important factor: health. 

Older age is categorised by the emergence of several complex health conditions or better known as geriatric syndromes. Although certain medical conditions are genetic, much is due to their physical and social environment. While some 70-year-olds enjoy extremely good health and functioning, other 70-year-olds are frail and require significant help from others. Hence, it is important to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle from a young age in order to avoid developing geriatric syndromes.

At Woodrose Senior Residences, we help Elders navigate the effects of ageing more effectively through our top-notch services and facilities. For more information, visit www.woodrose.com.my

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Benefits of Hydrotherapy

At Woodrose, the eldery will have 2-3 times per month hydrotherapy session. Benefits of Hydrotherapy

❤️ Reduces pain
❤️ Faster recovery from surgery
❤️ Re-education and encouragement of normal movement
❤️ Improves walking technique
❤️ Improves balance and coordination
❤️ Increases strength of weak muscles
❤️ Increases range of movement of joints
❤️ Improves independence and function
❤️ Improves circulation
❤️ Improves self-confidence

Guided by our professional and experienced carers as well as medical practitioners, our elders engage in hydrotherapy as part of their physiotherapy treatment to help improve their balance and coordination, increase their muscle strength and other health benefits. Interested to know more? Contact us today at +6012-709 8102 ? and book a free consultation. We are more than happy to guide you through our packages.#woodrose#seniorhomecare#hydrotherapy#seniorliving#eldercare

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Dietary tips for the elders

No matter the age we’re at, consuming proper nutrients through our diet is extremely important for our health. It helps to reduce or avoid certain diet-related health conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, cancer, and/or osteoporosis.

At Woodrose, we ensure that our elders are given the proper nutrition catered according to their special dietary needs, to help them progress better and improve on their health conditions. Interested to know more? Contact us today at +6012 709 8102.

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Our Response Towards COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the economy but also our way of life, forcing us to adapt to the new norm in a blink of an eye.

At Woodrose, we take extra measures to ensure that our elders are safe from getting infected by abiding to the Government and Ministry of Health’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Our response towards the Phase 1 FMCO (‘total lockdown’) nationwide:

  1. Our priority is keeping our patients safe
  2. Abiding by the SOP set by the Government and Ministry of Health
  3. Visitation temporarily suspended except for emergency cases* (Abiding to the latest SOP, to obtain permission from the police)
  4. We highly encourage you to deliver favourite food & engage virtually with your loved ones.
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Who monitors your parents while you work?

As our parents get older, they may require more care than we realise. Having unattended elderly parents at home can be worrying, but that’s the reality of working adults today. Some even resort to hiring domestic helpers who aren’t properly trained in handling elders with geriatric conditions. 

Elders who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s or any related geriatric syndromes are not capable of taking care of themselves. They need an extra hand to help them around, as well as assist them in handling day-to-day activities to improve their conditions. 

Some children can afford to leave their jobs and take care of their parents, but what about those who can’t? Even then, the ones who do assist their elderly parents might not even know how to properly care for them. Having the latest technology that allows you to monitor your parents at home, may not be helpful for the situation either as these may require a capable person who’s available to assist them.

The best option is to send your parents to an elder care centre. Look for reputable Elderly Homes and research the facilities, activities as well as the staff. With the right facilities, carers and doctors, your parents will be able to thrive and flourish in an environment of warmth and kindness.

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