Coping With Arthritis - Woodrose Senior Residences

Coping With Arthritis

Patient Story (extracted from Arthritis Foundation Malaysia website):

[Chow Ah Yee looks healthy for a 83-year-old woman. Yet, she dares not leave her home these days for fear that she may fall or faint while outside. Ever since she has been diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago, she has been careful not to over-exert herself for fear of fracturing herself… Since then, she has had to modify her lifestyle. Unable to stand or sit for long hours, she has learnt to slow down her pace and allow her daughters to care for her.]

You may identify with the situation above or know someone who does.  In fact, one in three Malaysians over the age of 55 suffers from osteoarthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. The other types are rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Although arthritis is more common among the elderly, it does not discriminate and may develop in younger adults and children. Hence, at Woodrose, we not only provide elderly care services but also assistance for all those with this condition. 

The symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, restrictions in movement, as well as swelling. 

Although arthritis is a condition without a cure, the good news is there are steps that one can take to manage symptoms better and reduce the negative impact on one’s life. Other than the options of medication or surgery, our assisted living facilities provide a suitable environment for residents to maintain a balance of healthy weight as well as a diet to reduce inflammation and improve the joints. At our residential care homes, among the many services that we provide are physiotherapy and physical therapy for residents who have conditions such as arthritis. Hence, through our premium care services, we strive to help all our residents to have a good quality of life, and one which is meaningful as well.