Elderly Home Care for Dementia Patients - Woodrose Senior Residences

Elderly Home Care for Dementia Patients

Growing up in an Asian community, it is considered a taboo to be sending our loved ones to an elderly care home. Children may choose to keep their elders in the comfort of a familiar home with no knowledge and experience in handling the conditions. This will lead to increased limitations, frustration and overwhelmed family carers, hence why proper care is needed from professionals to help dementia patients better. 

It’s time to ditch the guilt and start thinking about the needs of the dementia patient. Look for reputable Elderly Homes and research on the facilities, activities as well as the staff. These services will help  find the right Home for the patient. It is also beneficial to keep the following points in consideration:


  • Environment
    Serene, warm and homely to ensure exceptional experience for the Elders to feel comfortable.
  • Carers
    Professionally trained and around-the-clock carers to assist Elders no matter what they need.
  • Meals
    Healthy, delicious and home-cooked meals to ensure proper nutrition for the Elders.
  • Activities
    Engaging outdoor and indoor activities that also helps with the conditions of the Elders.
  • Price
    Affordable prices that match the facilities and level of care provided for the Elders.


At Woodrose, we specialise in caring for elders with dementia as well as other illnesses. Our professional and experienced carers work together with our Medical Practitioners to provide the best treatment and quality service for each of our elder residents in our homes. Interested to know more? Contact us today at +6012 709 8102 and book a free consultation. We are more than happy to guide you through our packages.