Oral Health session with Dr. Meera for Elderly - Woodrose Senior Residences

Oral Health session with Dr. Meera for Elderly

How do Elders maintain their oral health care? Dr Meera Asokan, our very own Dental Surgeon, had a productive teaching session with our elders last Sunday.

The session started at 9 and ended at 10.30 that same morning. Throughout the session, Dr Meera emphasised on the importance of oral health care and showed the carers how to properly clean dentures. She also demonstrated to the carers the correct brushing method for Elders’ teeth.

Dr Meera also shared some very important steps for Elders to maintain oral health with the following materials:

  • Soft/Electric toothbrush
  • Fluoridated toothpaste
  • Tongue cleaner
  • Floss/Water Flosser
  • Mouthrinse

Other materials (if needed) include:

  • Handle modifications for toothbrush
  • Interdental brush
  • Mouth props
  • Floss holders
  • Tooth mousse
  • Polident (for denture wearers)

The session continued with points on what to spot during routine oral hygiene care and concluded with advice about the importance of keeping a good oral health especially for Elders.