Our caregivers - Woodrose Senior Residences

Welcome to Woodrose Senior Residences, a new beginning in elderly care, where the entire experience and concept of specialised elderly care has been rethought and reshaped from the ground up. Our homes exist on the intersection between technology, quality care and carefully designed SOPs to ensure that not only are our elders medical care optimised, but also that they experience the highest quality of life commensurate to their circumstances. 


To do this we have carefully crafted an environment whereby we envelop our elders in warmth and kind caring, encourage them to take part in physical exercise/rehabilitation and mental stimulation which is designed and catered specifically to each elder’s needs. We believe that a proper diet will provide a significant impact on every person’s quality of life, we take extra measures in researching and tailoring the meals provided by us to enhance the quality of life of our elders.  


At Woodrose Senior Residences, we have three Homes for you to choose from (with a fourth Home on the way), each one with different levels of facilities and rooming options at different price points for you to have a maximum of choice and to cater to your and your loved ones specific needs. Rest assured however, whichever of our Homes that your loved one is in, he or she will experience the same high level of care that is the hallmark of our philosophy.

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