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Struggles of caring for elders

Struggles of caring for elders

As we grow older, our parents do too. The people who used to care for us when we were little, now require care themselves and most of the time we struggle as we attempt to provide whatever they want without knowing what they actually need. It gets even more challenging when their frail state is overcome by certain geriatric conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Getting a domestic helper with no background or experience in handling elders with special conditions isn’t the right choice either. As clueless as we are in caring for our elders, they would be too. Our elder’s condition might even worsen without the right care and nutrition, and that would worry us more.

Hence, proper care is essential to cater to elders differing to their condition. Professional carers are more eligible to take on the position of caring for elders with geriatric conditions as they would know how to assist them better. 

It’s crucial for us to change the Asian community Taboo of sending our elders to a care centre. Elders, with geriatric conditions especially, require the right amount of care, nutrition and activity to help stimulate their brain in order to perform everyday tasks and interaction.

If you have parents or elders who suffer from geriatric conditions, please think about sending them to a care centre to help them better.