The Environment And Healthy Ageing - Woodrose Senior Residences

The Environment And Healthy Ageing

Undoubtedly, one of the aspects determining the quality of life for seniors is their environment.

Some of the common environmental factors which may impact their quality of life are housing (comfort, size, overall satisfaction with living space), facilities, residents (interactions, behaviour), nuisance (social insecurity), as well as the neighbourhood. 

Considering these factors, the quality and accessibility of the environment in which an older person lives can have a significant impact on how active they are in society. The more active they are, the more they age healthily and have fulfilling lives. 

Additionally, adaptations inside and outside the home may not only reduce accidents but also assist residents to live independently and enjoy a higher quality of life.

It is known that good health is associated with access to green areas and the time spent outdoors. Although older people may have physical difficulties, they often wish to be more active and mobile. Hence at Woodrose, we provide opportunities for our residents to participate in a wide range of activities from gardening, arts and crafts, baking and religious teachings to regular day trips. 

We know that each resident is unique. Therefore, we provide individual care and support while activities are catered to each one’s needs and preferences. We ensure that comfortable settings and a warm ambience are made available, especially for the ease and accessibility of all of our residents.