Who monitors your parents while you work? - Woodrose Senior Residences

Who monitors your parents while you work?

As our parents get older, they may require more care than we realise. Having unattended elderly parents at home can be worrying, but that’s the reality of working adults today. Some even resort to hiring domestic helpers who aren’t properly trained in handling elders with geriatric conditions. 

Elders who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s or any related geriatric syndromes are not capable of taking care of themselves. They need an extra hand to help them around, as well as assist them in handling day-to-day activities to improve their conditions. 

Some children can afford to leave their jobs and take care of their parents, but what about those who can’t? Even then, the ones who do assist their elderly parents might not even know how to properly care for them. Having the latest technology that allows you to monitor your parents at home, may not be helpful for the situation either as these may require a capable person who’s available to assist them.

The best option is to send your parents to an elder care centre. Look for reputable Elderly Homes and research the facilities, activities as well as the staff. With the right facilities, carers and doctors, your parents will be able to thrive and flourish in an environment of warmth and kindness.